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JUNE 2015

PIPSA BIO:  Tania Cristina Reeder – Finance, Accounting and Management

Tania Reeder currently serves as Controller for PIPSA Holdings Corp. since November 2014.  She has more than 20 years of experience in the petroleum trade and storage fields and has worked for major petroleum companies like The Shell Company (W.I.) , Chemoil Latin America / Glencore Ltd. and local storage facilities located in both Balboa and Cristobal:  PATSA (former Alireza Mobil) and POTSA (former Aegean Terminal).

PIPSA Tania Reeder

Tania has responsibility for PIPSA’s financial reporting and accounting. Her extensive experience in financial matters will be an asset to the company as it moves forward.

Mrs. Reeder has a MBA in Marketing, a degree in Banking and Finance and a bachelor in Accounting.


Larger tankers could profit from the new toll structure of the Panama Canal 
Hellenic Shipping News

The Panama Canal Authority made headlines last month, after approving new tolls both for existing locks, as well as for the new and larger locks, effective from the 1st of April of 2016, a date which will mark the completion of the multi year expansion project. PIPSA Ships in the canal genericAccording to the latest weekly report from shipbroker Charles R. Weber, “currently, tolls are assessed on the basis of Panama net tons (PCNT) based on the Panama Canal Universal Measurement System (PC/UMS) which uses a formula to measure total ship volume; specific toll values are levied for various band increments of PCNTs thereof, depending on the laden or ballast condition of transiting vessels. For tanker vessels transiting the existing locks from the effective date of the new tolls, the same toll structure will remain, though the $/PCNT toll rates will increase (albeit relatively modestly compared to our earlier expectation)”.

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Panama Canal expansion will unleash huge supply of tonnage for all-water services
By JOC.com

The expansion of the Panama Canal early next year will make an enormous quantity of container ship tonnage available for services that transit the canal, wiping away current capacity restrictions that restrict usage to only small and inefficient ships by today’s standards.

The opening of the third set of locks, currently set for April, will overnight unlock the canal to 45 percent of the total container ship fleet -1,331 ships representing roughly 10 million twenty-foot equivalent units of capacity that is in service or on order. That includes 980 ships of 5,400-9,999 TEUs and 149 ships of 10,000 TEUs or greater, according to an analysis by IHS Maritime & Trade. Combined with ships currently able to transit the canal, 87 percent of the world fleet in terms of total capacity will be Panama-canal capable while 157 ships totaling 2.7m TEU of fleet capacity (in service and on order) would be too large to transit the new canal.

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PIPSA IMO Reception Facilities Officially Recognized 
PIPSA has been listed by the Panama Maritime Authority (AMP) as a company with two IMO reception facilities in Panama. The AMP listed two PIPSA companies as providers of recycling reception facilities; Petroleos Independientes de Panama, S.A. (PIPSA) and PIPSA Terminals Corp.

PIPSA serves as the IMO reception facility in the Balboa anchorage through its vessel ECOMAR II and PIPSA Terminals is an IMO reception facility and tank farm in the port of Balboa.


To reduce or eliminate pollution from ships, the provision of adequate reception facilities is an indispensable requisite. Marpol 73/78 requirements states that there must be adequate facilities to receive ship’s waste as part of the Conference for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships. “Governments shall ensure that the formalities for the use of reception facilities should be as simple and fast as possible to avoid undue delay of the ship”, according to Marpol.  As a collector and recycler of ship’s waste, PIPSA fulfills that role.


“PIPSA is pleased to have officially recognized facilities that are applicable to our customer’s needs. Our reputation continues to grow internationally along with our anchorage collections each month”


Anthony Misetich, PIPSA President

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