Ecomar Fuel Services (ECOMAR) is a green company, founded in 2010 and located in Panama’s new Economic Zone at Panama Pacifico to service the marine trade for the collection of marine slop oils, bilge water, and used oil for treatment, proper disposal and recycling into renewable fuels and lubricant base oils. Due to the increasing environmental awareness and maritime treaties, marine shipping is obligated to dispose of oily water accumulation aboard vessels in an environmentally acceptable way and in compliance with international laws. ECOMAR is a product of this increased environmental awareness and the regulations being instituted around the world for international shipping.ECOMAR is positioned to offer a cost-effective choice for offloading bilge water/slops while ships are in the process of transiting the Panama Canal and before their final port of destination.




Pipsa Ecomar IECOMAR utilizes its own proprietary vessels for collecting bilge water and used oils.

ECOMAR’s collection barge allows a larger volume of bilge water and slop oil to be collected, than currently employed in Panama. ECOMAR I is a 5,000 barrel collection barge designed to come alongside customer vessels at anchorage waiting to transit the canal with the purpose of collecting bilge water and used oils.





Pipsa service vessel


A skimming device aboard is used to remove free oil while the remaining product is processed through a Westfalia Bilge Master Combi-Master 5000 oil water separator system to separate the remaining oil. Clean water effluent is generated from the original product and is cleaned to 5 PPM or less of contaminate.





The oil processed by the barge is then transferred to ECOMAR’s  21,000 barrel shore tank storage reception facility in Balboa.




ECOMAR is recognized by the Panama Maritime Authority as the official IMO Port Reception Facility for marine petroleum waste for The Ports of Panama.  ECOMAR’s recycling technologies process marine slop oils into renewable fuel products.



PIPSA tank farm

2 thoughts on “MARINE SERVICES

  1. Dear Sirs,

    We have a vessel arriving soon at Balboa, therefore kindly advise your best quote and conditions basis below details:

    Total Volume of Slops/Sludge On‐board: 200 CBM
    Volume of Product: 30-40 CBM
    Volume of Free Water: 160-170 CBM
    Chemical(s) used for tank cleaning, if any: None
    Type of cargo grades contained in the Slops: Maya Crude

    Awaiting yours soonest possible. Thank you.

    Best regards,
    Paul Brendle

    • Dear Mr. Brendle,
      Thank you very much for your interest in our services. I regret to inform you that due to market conditions and other factors we have ceased our business operations in Panama effective October 1, 2018.
      Best regards,
      Robert Skidmore
      Marketing Consultant
      Ecomar Fuel Services

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