PIPSA RPRU installationECOMAR Technologies

The core of our operation is a world class oily residue recycling plant called a RPRU (Recycling Petroleum Recovery Unit) and a 21,000 barrel tank farm facility with pipeline access to the pier, located in Balboa Panama. The RPRU has a capacity to process 20,000 metric tons annually of petroleum oily residue and is an economic and ecological answer to generating reusable fuels from marine petroleum waste streams. The unit is in full compliance with MARPOL conventions regulation (annex 1), treating bilge water and used oil from ship’s origins.

The RPPU produces a high quality boiler fuel through a distillation process with characteristics similar to intermediate fuel oil. This generates a superior product to those companies that produce fuel oil through gravity separation.

This product can be used in plants using large industrial boilers especially those companies that have operations in the agricultural industry. Many of ECOMAR’S clients are in the meat and poultry sector and are using boiler fuel produced by ECOMAR’S RPRU unit.


PIPSA RFO Boiler Fuel Specs PNG